BulkMailer also sends Attachments. Click on the paper clip symbol to attach one or multiple files to the email.

The full path names are shown in the attachment text-box. Multiple paths are delimited by a semi-colon. You can manually edit the path names or add fields from the field-list to the paths, if you want to send personalized attachments.

These files must be present at the given location when the emails are sent. If an attached file can't be found, the email will not be sent.

Some file types, such as *.exe, *.vbs, etc. will not be accepted by the program. These file types could potentially contain viruses. If you wish to send such files, pack them with a pack program such as WinZip.

Sending of file-attachments is disabled with the DEMO PIN.

TIP: Check the files you attach for viruses before sending them.