Many plugins provide a hierarchical category structure in the selection area on the left hand side of the screen. You can organize the records using these categories. The assignment to the records is m:n, this means that every record can be assigend to many categories at the same time. So in KS.CRM the categories are a powerful instrument to organize your data in a hierarchical structure.

Manage Categories

After creating a new database, you can see the first root-node in the categories tree-view. By right-clicking with the mouse you can add or remove categories and folders. You can reorder the categories by drag-and-drop.

Changing the categories does not affect changes in the data records. You can always add categories, assign records, delete categories, as you like without changing or deleting the assigned records in any way.

Personal categories are invisible for other users.

Assign Records

Double-click on a record or press <Enter> to edit this record. In the form you can check some categories to assign this record to them or uncheck to remove.

In the table view, you can select multiple records with pressed Shift or Control Key or select all rows with Ctrl-A. You can also select some records with a search (F6) or an extended search (F7). Right-click on a selected row and select Add/Remove from categories from the context menu. In the following dialog you can bulk-update the categories for all selected rows. The check-boxes have three states: Gray means no change, checked adds all rows to this category, unchecked removes rows from this category. This way you can add or remove categories from thousands of rows in one step.

Filter for Categories

By clicking on a category you can filter for this category very fast, even with large databases and when meny records are assigned. All deeper categories in the hierarchy are respected.

You can filter for multiple categories with pressed Shift or Ctrl-key. Categories on the same level are combined with logical-OR operator, categories on different levels are combined with logical-AND.

By pressing Ctrl-F8 you can reset all filters and searches, to show all records with one key-press.