External Database


The following reasons support the utilization of an external database:

  1. Your company already maintains an address database, customer database or something similar. In such cases it would be too laborious to have to import the current version of this database each time it was needed.
  2. The structure of the internal database is insufficient for your purposes; you require additional fields, e.g. for salutations in more than one language, text templates, etc.
  • Your existing DBMS (Database Management System) is equipped with an ODBC driver or (better) an OLE DB driver. Drivers for dBase, FoxPro, Access, MS-SQL Server, ... are already available through MS Jet 4.0.
  • Your database contains at least a column with email addresses.

Recommended DBMS: MS Access, MS SQL Server

Here’s how it works

  1. Select main menu "File->Open External Datasource..."
  2. Connect to your database. Different further dialogs appear, depending on the selected database.
  3. After successful connection you can select a table or query (for databases only)
  4. BulkMailer now needs to know which column contains the e-mail addresses. Enter this information as a minimum in the following dialog.

Once everything has happened correctly, the database will be shown in tabular form under 'Addresses'.

To ensure that this procedure need not be repeated, you can now save this database connection by selecting "File->Open External Datasource->Save Dataconnection..." in the Main Menu. Next time you need it, you can open this file via "File->Open External Datasource->Open Stored Dataconnection".

Starting here, everything proceeds the same as with internal databases, except for the following limitations:

  • Records cannot be edited in BulkMailer; use your DBMS for this purpose.
  • Automatic salutation, administration of groups, etc. need to be handled in the external database. It would be advantageous for example to have a salutation field which contained the entire salutation ("Dear Mr. Smith"). This database field could then be integrated into your mail as the salutation.
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