Program Options

Before you can send emails with BulkMailer, you need to configure some settings under Extras->Options:


Enter here your SMTP Server. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. If you are unsure which one you have, check your other mail client, e.g. in Outlook Express underAccounts->Email.

Ask your system administrator or provider which mail server you can use. Often these Servers have names like "" or "".

SMTP Servers are normally operated at Port 25. It is only in rare cases that you would specify a different port here.

The default SMTP-Port is port 25.

Select 60 (seconds) by default. Select a smaller value to disconnect faster in case of connection errors.

Enter your valid sender email address, e.g. "". Use the email address with which you wish to send bulk mails. For this email address you will need a valid PIN, which is valid to this address. You can order a Demo-PIN for free.

Enter your complete name or company name.

Reply To: This field will be evaluated by the recipient's mail client, when he clicks on 'Reply'. The replies will go to this different address.

Return-Path: The Return-Path will only be evaluated by machines. By entering a different Return-Path, bounce mails can be directed to a different mail account.

Error-To: This Email-Header is only mentioned for completeness and is not supported by many mail servers.

Organization: Your company name. Not all mail clients will show this header value.

Today most SMTP servers are protected by SMTP Authentication. You can get the username and password for your mailbox from your system administrator or your provider. (The SMTP login ist mostly identical with your POP3 login.)

Some providers require the login to the POP3 mailbox, before you can send mails over SMTP. But this is used rarely today. Enter your POP3 access data here in such cases.

Some providers permit only a limited number of mails per session. In such cases, BulkMailer can automatically disconnect from the SMTP Server after a certain number of mails, then wait for an amount of time which can be pre-set in order to logon again and continue with the sending of the mailing.

Select a suitable codepage for your mailings. This is about the correct display of special and non US character sets.

When only writing in english or western european languages, you should select Westeuropäisch/USA for best reading. When writing in other languages as chinese, japanese, etc, we suggest the UTF-8 format.