Scanning for audio files

After you have configured the MP3 Search Paths, select menu "File->Read Files from Harddisk.."

The program scans the search paths for audio files and collects the title information from these files into the database.

This step must be repeated, when you have collected new files on your hard-disks.

Alternatively you can also drag and drop folders to the main window.

With the today hardware costs it should be no problem, to keep all audio files on harddisks for immediate access.

However, when you have collected your music on CD-ROM's and DVD's, you can manage the with MP3db too.

Insert a removable medium and select menu "File->Read Files from removable Device..".

Ensure that all external media devices are named with a distinct volume-label, because that is, how the program detects them. Even if you attach this medium later to a different USB port, the program will find this medium by it's name.

When trying to play such a file, MP3db will ask you to insert this medium with the given volume-label.

You can also add files from external media by drag and drop.