Sending Test Mails


Once you have completely configured the program and have entered a Demo-PIN, you can test the sending of mails by sending a few test mails addressed to yourself.

  1. Select the menu item "Mailing->Create Test Mails".
  2. Confirm the question "Create 10 test mails to … ?" with Yes
  3. The program switches over to the Outbox and shows 10 test mails
  4. Make sure that your computer is online
  5. Select the menu item "Mailing -> Send Mailing"
  6. A dialog appears concerning the licensing agreements
  7. Read the licensing text
  8. If you agree to the stipulations, mark the corresponding field and click on "Send Emails."
  9. Your PIN will be checked and the program switches over to Mail sending dialog
  10. Click on "Start"!

The test mails will now be sent to your address.

If the error message like "we do not relay" or "authentication failed" appears, it is possible that the access to your SMTP Server is not correctly configured or that you are not authorized to send mails through this Server. Also see Problems: Authenticating with SMTP Servers