Kroll-Software celebrates 20 years anniversary

When I sit in front of the computer, I have sometimes thoughts like this:

Now this machine is waiting and in this very moment it has looked for a million times again, if I pressed any key. But again no key-press at all.

I think this must be very boring for such a mashine which runs at a clock rate in the gigahertz range. Therefore, it has always been my desire to keep these machines in a good mood and keep them busy at least in the medium term with something meaningful.

For example, it could inform my customers by email about some news. This would certainly keep her busy for a while. At the same time it could play my favorite music.

Or search my databases for duplicate records. Not those which are exactly equal, this would be too easy. No, those with typos, some characters swapped, etc. This is a task that is particularly difficult for machines.

Or it could optimize project plans for me. Move all bars and assign all resources so that finally nothing overlaps. This is a puzzle game which no human would ever be able to resolve. A so-called Knapsack Problem. NP-hard and also very hard to calculate for computers. But evolution knows a trick..

And when there is nothing left to compute, it can completely be itself.

Kroll-Software: We let your computers compute 😉