Fuzzy Duplicate Search in Your DotNet Applications

DotNet assembly demo with trial screen

The FuzzyDupes computation kernel as a DotNet 2.0 and 4.0 Assembly

FuzzyDupes:NET is the computation kernel of our FuzzyDupes Desktop Application.

Through the DotNet assembly you can integrate this duplicate search into your applications with ease. You will get the same search results and performance as with the desktop version.

This functionality will increase the worth of your application distinctly and it will be a new exclusive feature against your competitors. Most of your users will benefit from this.

FuzzyDupes:NET processes the data in memory and implements an intelligent procedure of Pattern-Matching, excellent in quality, selectivity and performance. With our Trigramm/Hashindex, the assembly finds small and reliable clusters in the first step. Then, highly optimized pattern matching algorithms test the records for similarity.

FuzzyDupes:NET considers all possible permutations of string-data and is suitable not only for address data.

FuzzyDupes:NET does not depend on a particular DBMS. The data is delivered in a System.Data.DataTable and you get the results back in the same form. This all is done with just one function call. Other functions provide you with more options for the search.

The FuzzyDupes-Technique was developed and optimized over a period of 6 years. The assembly (DLL) was written in pure C#. Our Fuzzy Duplicate Search has best references and is used by many customers

Further Information:

Download Trial-Version

Version 7.4.1 - neutral language, 25 languages
Parallel Version
Visual Studio 2013 sample project
DotNet Framework 4+

Version 6.5.0 - neutral language
DotNet Framework 2+


You can try out FuzzyDupes:NET free of charge and without obligation.

The cost for a single computer license is € 219.00 net amount *

 *) All prices are net amounts. If and how much VAT you have to pay depends on how and from where you place your order. More information can be found on the Shop Page

The license permits you to use the software on a single computer or server. Please also ask for discounts for multiple licenses.

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Multiple Licenses

Multiple Licenses allow the productive usage of FuzzyDupes:NET on more than one computer or server.


€ 188.00
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€ 158.00
€ 1.580,00


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€ 3.200,00


€ 98,00
€ 9.800,00

If you need an unlimited redistribution license, please contact Kroll-Software. The price will be somewhere around the 100-Computer license, depending on business size and purpose of your application.


If you ordered your license after January 1., 2010, please ask for a free license key for the new version 7. Otherwise you can update for the half list-price.

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