Gantt Control for DotNet Windows Forms

The perfect Gantt- and Resource-Planning Control for your .NET WinForms Applications

Free Demo - for C# or VisualBasic DotNet 4.0 and above

Extend your application with project-management capabilities with just a few lines of code.

The interactive Gantt-Control comes with an easy to understand data object-model. The style and behavior can be fully customized through many properties end events. License is per developer. Royalty free distribution. Source code available.

The download contains some sample applications where you can try-out all features without programming.

One Control, two applications, three views

The control exposes two different diagram-types: Gantt and ResourcePlan.

Diagram-Type Gantt

KS-Gantt Control Gantt View
The Gantt-Control in the interactive Gantt-View
KS-Gantt Control Resource View
The Gantt-Control in the calculated Resource-View

Diagram-Type ResourcePlan

KS-Gantt Control in ResourcePlan Type
The Gantt-Control in ResourcePlan Mode. This sample also demonstrates the free formatting of all elements

The Gantt-Datagrid Control

KS-Gantt DataGrid-Control
The Gantt-DataGrid Control is bound to the Gantt-Control and allows the editing of all elements

Ready to use standard-dialogs

KS-Gantt Task--Dialog
Beside this Task-Dialog, many more dialogs for the other objects are ready to use.

Key Features

  • Leightweight control inherits from nothing but System.Windows.Forms.Control
  • 100% managed C# code in a single DLL
  • Task-Types: FixedUnits, FixedWork and FixedDuration and StaticTask
  • ProjectPlanner demo application with C# source code
  • Cascading calendars for the project, for each resource and task
  • Granularity down to a minute:
    Day, half day, quarter day, hour, half hour, quarter hours, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, minute
  • Taskview and calculated resource view
  • Can be used stand alone or together with the editable grid control
  • Interactive moving and resizing of items
  • All colors and styles can be fully customized
  • Multi-level collapsable groups and resources
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Copy and Paste
  • Search functions
  • Printing functions for single and multiple pages
  • Many to many relations between taks, groups and resources
  • Complex and easy to understand data object model
  • Calculation of project cost
  • Calculation of the Critical Path
  • Easy serializing and de-serializing data to file (binary and XML)
  • All collections support IBindable and ISortable
  • MS-SQL-Server persistence with full source-code sample that supports incremental updates
  • Diagram-Type ResourcePlan for showing allocation plans (several tasks per row)
  • HelloWorld sample introduces to the first steps with the control

Download Trial Version

System Requirements

  • DotNet Framework version 4.0 or above
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, or another adequate IDE
~ 3.2 M

Version 7.0.6 - neutral language

Standard dialogs in 25 languages

VisualStudio 2013, DotNET 4+

The download contains three executable sample applications, which demonstrate all features. Full source code for these samples is included.

You can help us and translate the control into your language. Please see the folder \Localization in the download.

Price list

All prices are per developer and include the right for unlimited distribution of the component together with your applications (Royalty Free Distribution).

1 Developer € 399,-
2-3 Developers € 499,-
4-5 Developers € 599,-
6-10 Developers € 699,-
Unlimited Developers (Site-License) € 899,-
Site-License with full Source Code € 1.198,-

Each license includes free updates for at least two years and for all versions 7.x

The next major release will be much more powerful and starts to compete with the very few other full-working solutions for project management on the market.

For this reason we can no longer sell it with rights for royalty free distribution. This only applies to the next release. Also the price will rise significantly, so that we can't give free upgrades to the next release for customers, who obtain a license past Mai 5th, 2015. (This doesn't affect customers, who obtained a license between Mai 5th., 2013 and Mai 5th, 2015.)

The next version will be released under a dual license (GPL or one of it's sucessors, and a commercial license). The price for the commercial license and the conditions are not yet fixed. We hope that by this our software can be useful for even more users and we thank you for your understanding.

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You can test KS-Gantt Control for free and with no obligation. For distribution of the component together with your applications and for productive use, a usage license is required.

The 1-Developer Royalty Free Distribution License (PLEASE READ THE ABOVE) costs € 399,- net amount *

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Discounted Update License

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If you ordered your license before 02/20/2012, you can get a discounted update for the half price.

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