Using Microsoft® Azure SQL Database™ with our products

Some of our products work with a Microsoft SQL-Server:

  • KS.CRM (freeware)
  • KS-ProjectPlanner (free and pro version)

We’ve now tested these application successfully with the current MS Azure Cloud Service, V.12.

Creating a new database with Azure is straight forward:

Our programs offer two options:

  1. Setup a new database on the server
  2. Install into an existing database

Only the second option works. So you should create an empty database with azure, then set it up with our programs using the second option “install into an existing database”.

Migrating a local database with all contained data

We tried it the usual way using the Sql-Server Management Studio (SSMS), but this didn’t work. Then we were lucky and found the free SQL Database Migration Wizard on CodePlex. This worked very well, copying a local database with all it’s data to an empty database on Azure. It requires DB_OWNER access rights with your local database.

  1. In the first step, choose the option “Analyze / Migrate (*) Database”
  2. In the second step you connect with the source database. “Master” allows the selection of the desired database by double-click
  3. Then you connect with the target Azure database, same as before
  4. Finish, everything is completed with a single run.

We say Thank You for sharing this great solution with CodePlex.


  Never install into a system database or the ‘Master’ database !

Microsoft SQL-Server manages itself in some system databases. Never touch those, never setup new tables or data into the System or Master database.