Why DotNet Programs are safer than others

The very most of our software was written in C# for the DotNet Framework. This is the latest technology by Microsoft to develop software for MS-Windows.

DotNet programs are executed ‘full managed’ by the operating system. Due to this managed execution, DotNet programs can’t crash the system. Even if programmed bad, they can’t harm the system stability. They also can’t have ‘buffer overflows’, which is the most typical offense used by hacks and cracks. Modifications on the binaries would end up in check-sum errors.

A most important concept of the .NET Framework is security.

translated from the german Wikipedia

Our DotNet programs don’t require additional components that have to be registered with the system. So what our SetUp programs do, is mainly a file-copy to the program’s directory. The install system is NSIS Setup, a widely used, very simple and reliable setup program.

Finally all installers (except the retro downloads) are digitally signed, which should proove their origin and warn in case of any modifications.


The DotNet Framework is already installed on all current versions of Windows. So our programs usually don’t require anything else that has to be additionally installed.