Resource Leveling by Genetic Algorithm Solver

The solver can optimize the project plan for you.

It prevents overlapping of resources and optimizes the project for duration and cost.

At any time call menu Project|Solver. Solving can be repeated as often as you like. If you don't like the results, press Undo to go back.

The solver will never stop running. Click on Stop or press Escape, if you think it's good enough. If the result is not good enough, call the solver again.

The solver considers the Preserved Resources from your defined work in the task. When there are preserved resources defined, the solver will allocate them first, before assigning any other resources.

You should also always set the Max. Ent. (Maximum Entities) for each work item, to limit the number of resources, that can be assigned to this work. Otherwise the solver tends to allocate all resources that are available, in order to get the shortest plan.

You can use the solver during project layout and later for project tracking, when the project is already running. The solver can shift all tasks forward, that are short of time, and will handle all impacts automatically for you.

On the SQL-Server, the solver incorporates the resource allocations from other projects as well.

The solver uses a Genetic Algorithm and is an innovative development.
Please tell us about your experiences.