BulkMailer Network Installation

BulkMailer supports the usage by multiple users in a windows network.

The program manages concurrent access to the BulkMailer address databases and exclusion lists. This data can be edited by multiple clients at the same time.

Each client will still have it’s own messages and out-box. Collaboration on the message texts and simultaneous sending from the same out-box is not implemented. This data should be managed locally.


  1. Install BulkMailer on each client computer.
  2. Copy the common BulkMailer Address Databases (*.bm3) and Exclusion Lists (Exclude.mdb) to a Windows Server or another central Windows computer in your local area network.
  3. On each client computer, open the BulkMailer Address Database with menu
    File->Open BulkMailer Address Database..

  4. For the Exclusion Lists use menu
    Exclusion->Open another Exclusion Database..

To use the software by multiple users from different computers requires a multiple-user license.