BulkMailer 2020 Professional

Newsletter software

Free 30-Day Trial Version - for Windows XP to Windows 11 (32 and 64-bit)

With BulkMailer 2020 Professional you can send personalized emails to your customers or members. With the integrated HTML editor you compose Mailings with embedded graphics, different fonts and backgrounds.

You collect the adresses in the internal database or access an existing database directly. The universal database interface allows you to access addresses from any source. Database fields can be inserted dynamically into the email body.

BulkMailer 2020 Professional - Newsletter software for e-mail marketing and personalized mass emails

The Feedback Module automates the handling of reply mails, e.g. subscribes/unsubscribes (opt-in, opt-out), bounce-management, automatic data entry from Web-Forms (for newsletter subscriptions), etc.

Many other features make this software package a valuable tool for your communication with your customers.

Try BulkMailer 2020 Professional 30 days for free! During the trial period you can send real mailings.

361 billion emails are sent daily (2020) *

Even in the days of Social Media, email resides the most important medium to stay connected with your customers.

*) Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/456500/daily-number-of-e-mails-worldwide/

Features in Version 2020

hands holding mail
Revised User Interface
Corrected scaling with higher dpi settings and retina devices
SSL / TLS / StartTLS encrypted connections to the mail server
Since cloud-computing, more and more mail servers require secured connections. This enhances you data security.
TLS 1.2 Support
Windows Contacts / Windows Mail
Import or direct access on the new Vista and Windows 7 contacts
.NET 4.0 application, that means future safe by using the latest Microsoft Technologie
This program requires the DotNet Framework 4.0 or higher, which must be installed separately on some machines. BulkMailer is implemented completely in C#
Support for MS-Office 2007/2010 data sources
MS-Access and MS-Excel files can be accessed directly or imported. *
*) Requires installation of MS-Office or the Microsoft Access Database Engine (also for *.xlsx)
Many-to-many related fields in the BulkMailer contacts database
distribution lists and interest groups with many-to-many relation.
Access to MS-SharePointTM Server
Send bulk emails also to your MS-SharePointTM Portal-Server or MS-SharePointTM Team Services contacts lists.
Access to a ACT! CRM database
ACT! 16 can be accessed directly or imported. See Manual as PDF (in german language)
Full unicode (UTF-8) support
Edit and send emails with chinese, japanese, cyrillic, arabic, hebrew characters, or whatever you want, without concerning about codepages.
Manage your projects in different profiles. Each profile has it's own data and settings.
Edit the Text-Only version of your HTML-Mail
Preferences in the address database let you define, which recipient will get the HTML-Mail or a text only version.
Send log for each email
This send history gives you the opportunity to ensure, that each recipient will receive the same mail only once, even when you send the same mailing later from a different data source.
Direct access to MS-Outlook, Windows Contacts and CSV/Text files
Client/server access
Workstations can access a central address- and exclusion database. Multi-user licenses are required to install BulkMailer on more than one computer. Please contact us for more information.
Use VBScript-Code when compiling the emails
Personalize your email with VBScript.
MDAC / OLE DB (and ODBC) database interface
Gives you direct access and import from practically all data sources including various SQL servers via TCP/IP
Better access to existing databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL support.
Scheduled sending
with the integrated timer.
Sending of HTML Mails
Integrated HTML Editor. Images can be sent either with the mail or by reference to a webserver.
The Feedback-Module
  • Automates reply and bounce mails, e.g. subscribes/unsubscribes to a newsletter
  • Bounce-Management: Undeliverable mails can be added to the exclusion list
  • Form-Parser: Data from HTML-Forms can be inserted into the address database
  • Execution of programs and VBScript files
Integrated address database
The address format conforms with standard MAPI applications
Sending of file attachments
For reasons of security, only available with the licensed version
Optional sending using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)
Useful for rapid sending of attachments
Error-tolerant sending from the Outbox
Can be interrupted at any time.
Exclusion list
An extra list for mailing addresses to be excluded ensures that certain recipients are excluded from any mailing.
Numerous additional features
... make BulkMailer 2020 Professional - Newsletter software for e-mail marketing and personalized mass emails a valuable tool to communicate with your customers.


System Requirements

  • PC Pentium IV or compatible, 1 GB RAM recommended
  • All current versions of Windows
  • DotNet Framework 4.0 or above (already installed on most computers)
  • MS Internet Explorer 6 or later
  • Internet- and mailserver access (not Hotmail or Gmail, AOL only over Port 587)
~ 6,4 MB

Version 8.0.4

In menu Extras you can choose from 25 languages: český, danske, deutsch, ελληνικά, english, español, eesti, suomalainen, français, हिंदी, hrvatski, magyar, Icelandic, italiano, 日本人, Nederlands, norsk, português, русский, slovenský, slovenščina, svenska, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, 中国的


You can try out BulkMailer 2020 Professional free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. After that you will need to obtain a user license if you wish to continue using this software.

The cost for a single user license is € 249.00 net amount *

This license includes

  • At least 25 additional email sender addresses unlocked for free **
  • Free support by phone or email ***
  • Free updates to all versions 7.x and for at least one year
  • Sending of file attachments enabled

 *) All prices are net amounts. If and how much VAT you have to pay depends on how and from where you place your order. More information can be found on the Shop Page

 **) You can have these changed later at no extra charge.

***) We will be happy to offer you advice during the trial phase, too.
Applicable State taxes pay are the responsibility of the customer.

This license authorizes you to use the software on a single computer and is tied to one or more e-mail sender addresses. You can make subsequent orders to have 25 additional sender addresses unlocked for EUR 25.00.

Order BulkMailer 2020 Professional

Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club

Secure payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal
via the company Share-it Digital River GmbH, Koeln

Multiple Licenses

Multiple licenses authorize the utilization of the software at more than one workstation.


€ 182,00
€ 546,00


€ 149,00
€ 745,00


€ 124,50
€ 1.245,00


€ 99,00
€ 2.475,00


If you ordered your license after 01/01/2010, this update is free for you.

If you ordered your license before 01/01/2010, you can get a discounted update for just EUR 124,50. To the order form

(This is the cost for the single user license. For multiple licenses, please enter the number of the required updates into the order-form.)

If you have any questions regarding this product or the ordering process,
please don't hesitate to contact us
by email or phone: +41-41-5351767 (Switzerland)

You may find your questions already answered
in the BulkMailer 2020 Professional FAQ

PIN Validation

Prior to a mailing, the program checks the validity of a personal identification number (PIN), which is linked to a particular sender address. This mechanism is intended to protect the software against misuse (i.e., SPAM). All those users who wish to utilize the program for serious serial mails will benefit from this feature. No PIN check is required once the licensed version has been installed.

Kroll-Software guarantees that no additional data is transmitted or stored with the PIN check.

Request your DEMO-PIN for evaluation

To do so, enter your valid sender e-mail address under Options. If you are connected to the Internet through a proxy server, you must also configure the specifications to the HTTP proxy. Then click on the button "Request Demo-PIN". The PIN will then automatically delivered to you by e-mail.

The DEMO-PIN has a validity of 30 days. It allows you to test the program to its full extent. The only exception is the sending of attachments, which is not possible during the trial period.

No PIN check is performed once the licensed version has been installed.

Newsletter Templates

Creating appealing Html for email newsletters which is compatible with most email clients and web front-ends becomes a difficult task today, even for experienced web designers. Many high-quality templates can be found at Themeforest.com

Some of these templates come with a Theme Builder, that is a small application running in your web-browser. With this, you can create the layout and content for your newsletter and save it to a HTML file, which you can load into BulkMailer with menu Email->Load webpage from file..

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