X-Platform GUI Framework

by John Summer, written in C#, MIT License

SummerGUI offers a brand new way for you to develop your next desktop application in C# that can run on any system.

It is open source and free under the MIT license, so what are you waiting for ?

This is an early development release. This software is not yet ready for production.

At this time, we want to share our development with early adopters, who might want to contribute to the code. Your help is appreciated if you are familiar with window handling on different platforms, shell dialogs and clipborad functions. Or when you have some other ideas to add..


  • Programs can run on multiple platforms without recompilation
  • Open and free, even for commercial projects (MIT license)
  • Easy to extend
  • Using OpenTK for the OpenGL interface
  • Best text-rendering using the FreeType library through SharpFont
  • Responsive forms layout and menus
  • Free scalable (zoom)
  • Animations
  • Themes and Icon-Fonts
  • Thread Safe, doesn't throw errors
  • fu*** fast

Download “SummerGUI”

System Requirements

  • All current versions of Windows or Linux
  • An OpenGL 3.0+ capable graphics device
    (Most graphic cards not older than 10 years will do, including on-board graphics)
  • DotNet Framework 4.5+ (Mono 4.5+ on Linux)
  • On Windows: MSVC 11 (Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012, should be installed on most modern Windows systems)
  • More Platforms to be supported soon (incl. Mac, IOS, Android)

28 MB

Version, in english

Solution can be opened with MS-VisualStudio or MonoDevelop

SummerGUI on GitHub:

8 MB

Version, in english

Extract the archive and run ‘SummerGUI.Demo.exe’