Edit Tags

The meta information such as title, artist, album, etc. are stored with MP3 files in so called ID3 tags. There are versions ID3 Version 1 + 2

For more information, see www.id3.org

MP3db supports both ID3 versions 1 and 2.x

Highlight a song and choose from the main menu "Title->Edit Tag"

This opens the ID3 Tag Editor and you can edit the entries in your MP3 file ud store them permanently. Because the entries are written directly into your MP3 file, they are later visible to other programs. *

*) ID3 V2 tags are visible only in programs that support ID3 V2.

MP3db has a highly practical multi-tag editor which allows you to write identical ID3 information to multiple files.

To highlight multiple files hold down Ctrl or Shift key.

Then select from the main menu "Title->Edit tags"

This opens the ID3 tag editor with the option to enable individual fields. The data for all the selected files will then be written or overwritten only in these active fields.

This is very useful when you want to write the same "album", "artist", "year" etc. to multiple MP3 files.

MP3db also supports editing of tags in OGG/Vorbis files and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.