HTML Mails

Creating pleasing Html Mails

BulkMailer has a built-in Html editor with a functionality that is typical for email clients.

If this is not enough for you and you want to create more complex Html,

  • use a Html editor of your coice
  • Save the Html file to your hard disk
  • Load this file into BulkMailer with menu "Email->Load Webpage from File"
If you don't have the skills to create Html, this might be a good task for your web-designer

BulkMailer offers full support of HTML Mails

Whenever an email is to contain text formatting or images, the type of mail involved is what is referred to as an HTML Mail. Almost all modern email clients are now able to display HTML mails.

For older email clients, BulkMailer automatically adds an ASCII part to the email so that the text it contains can be displayed.

  • Compose HTML mails with the integrated Editor.
  • Graphics can either be sent together with the email or referenced by a link to a file on a Webserver.

Composing and Sending HTML Mails

  1. SelectEmail->New Email (HTML) in the Main Menu
  2. Or convert an existing mail using the menu item Email->Format HTML
  3. An additional toolbar will appear in the message editor with functions for text and page formatting as well as for the inclusion of graphics and links.
Insertion of Images
  1. Click in the toolbar on the icon Insert image
  2. The following appears in the dialog Image
    • Click on Image Source->Browse and select an image file.
      Images inserted in this way will be sent together with the email.
    • Or enter the URL to an image on a Webserver.
      This graphic will then not be sent with the email.
      Instead, the image will be downloaded by the specified URL and displayed when the message is read in the recipient's email program.
Embedded images must be present at their storage location when the mailing is sent.

Insertion of Links
  1. Mark a text passage or an object (e.g. an image)
  2. Click in the Toolbar on the Create link icon
  3. Enter the URL in the subsequent dialog.
MS-Frontpage as HTML-Editor

To create more advanced HTML emails, you can use MS-Frontpage or other HTML-Editors. Save your work as a HTML-File and then open it in BulkMailer with "EMail->Load Webpage from File". BulkMailer fixes relative paths to images during this import.

MS-Word as HTML-Editor

Save your documents as Webpage (filtered).
Open this document in BulkMailer with "Email->Load Webpage from File"

MS-Publisher as HTML-Editor

See Create Html for Email with MS-Publisher

General Instructions for the sending of HTML Mail

Fonts used

What applies to Web pages also holds true for HTML Mails:
You should only use fonts which are also present on the recipients' computers. Typically, these are Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, (Verdana, Tahoma, Comic Sans, Impact) etc. Fonts which are not present at the recipients' computers will possibly be replaced by other fonts in the display.

Sending images as links

It is very typical for newsletters that images are not sent with the mail but rather only as links to graphics located on a Webserver. This has the following advantages:

  • The Mail is kept considerably smaller, which means that it is sent more rapidly and also more rapidly opened by the recipients.
  • With linked graphics you can see the call-up rate of your mail be evaluating your Webserver's log file.