Resource Chart

In the main-window tabs, click on Resource-Chart to activate the resource-chart.

The resource-chart shows all Resource Allocations. So if there are no resources applied to any tasks, the resource-chart is empty. Go on and add some resources to some tasks.

The resources are listed in alphabetical order.
Under each resource, the associated tasks are shown in chronological order.

Tasks with the status Done are excluded from the resource chart, the allocated resources are released again.

The resource bar is splitted and colored in three ways:

  • Overloaded allocations are colored red
  • Underloaded allocations are colored green
  • 100% allocations are colored blue

In SQL-Server mode, allocations from other projects are displayed ghosted.

In the project settings, you can change these colors and enter a tolerance, so that e.g. allocations with 98% are still displayed as fully allocated. You can also configure by Resource-Filter, whether unused resources should be shown or not.

Tasks cannot be moved with the mouse in the resource-chart.
With all the task-dependencies and constraints it would be too dangerous to move tasks in the resource-chart. So go back to the gantt-chart to move tasks and see, how this affects the entire project plan.