SQL-Server Support

ProjectPlanner 2014 can store the data on a MS-SQL-Server.

Features and Benefits
  • this allows multi-user and multi-project management.
  • Resources, Calendars and Skills are managed globally and are accessible for all projects.
  • in the Resource-Chart, the resource allocations are included from all projects. Allocations from other projects are displayed ghosted.
  • the SQL-Server allows to report the data for other applications.
  • incremental updates for better multi-user support: Only modified data is written to the server.
  • very robust transaction-based data access.
  • backup of your data in a centralized location.
  • Microsoft SQL-Server 2005 or 2008 and SQL-Server Management Studio, the free Express-Version is enough
  • The latest ProjectPlanner 2014 version

ProjectPlanner 3.x comes with new functions to easily create and drop ProjectManager Databases on the SQL-Server, see menu SQL-Server.

To create a new database, you need enough user-rights on the server. So login with an account, that has these rights and has access to the 'master' table.

Beside this, you could also manage your databases with the SQL-Server Management Studios. Please ask your system administrator for some support.

In the installation folder of the ProjectPlanner 2014 application, you will find a subfolder \sql.
See the file readme.txt for further information.