Tips, tricks and shortcuts

Double-click into nowhere
to add a new task
Shift-double-click into nowhere
to add a new milestone
Click on a task
to select the task
Double-click on a task
to edit the task properties
Ctrl-click, Shift-click
to select multiple tasks
Ctrl-drag into nowhere
to span a selection rectangle and select multple tasks
delete selected tasks
Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v, Ctrl-x
Copy, paste, cut tasks
Ctrl-f, F3
Find, find next
Press Ctrl-z, Ctrl-y
for undo / redo
Drag a selected task and drop it on another task
to create a dependency between this two tasks
drag and drop again to remove this dependency
Double-click on a task to edit, goto Groups, assign it to a new group
to create a new group and assign this task to it
Drag and drop another task on a group
to assign this task to this group
drag and drop again to remove it from the group
Select a task and drag it
to move the task to another date
Select a task and drag the beginning or ending
to resize the task
Press ctrl while moving or resizing a task
to align it to total days
Mouse wheel
zoom in/out
Ctrl-Mouse wheel
scroll up and down
Drag from nowhere
shift the calendar
show context menu
Ctrl-right-drag from nowhere
shift the calendar without changing selected items
Ctrl-(+), ctrl-(-)
Expand / collapse all groups or resources

Task Symbols

Overdue, behind time
Estimated. Check the estimated checkbox in the task edit dialog. This has no effect on calculations. Mark tasks as estimated for later review.
As soon as possible (ASAP), this task will be aligned left most
Priorities from high to low. Normal priority has no symbol
Status Icons
Waiting (for input, for another task, for coffee is ready)
Constraint Errors
Some constraints could not be satisfied. Please check this task.
Everything is OK with this task
Current work or units differ from the proposed values. Please check these values.