Fuzzy Match


Besides searching for duplicates, FuzzyDupes can also perform a comparison with an external list (Robinson list). In this way you can remove addresses in the external list from your database.

  1. Select the menu item "Duplicates->Match with External List".
  2. Establish a connection to your database
  3. Select a table or view/query
  4. Assign the fields of the source to those in the target table. (At least all cluster and duplicate search columns are required. See Project Settings.)
  5. Click on OK

A dialog box with some options will appear:

Please select an option for the return values of this operation:

  • Negative Match (default): Only records from your project database are displayed, that are not contained (with fuzzyness) in the external list.
  • Positive Match: Only records from your project database are displayed, that have matches in the external list.
  • All Records (tagged): All records from your project database are displayed. An additional column has Zero (0) values, if no matching record was found in the external list, or a non zero value containing the row number of the matching record in the external list.

Here you can again set the thresholds. The settings come from the project settings. See Project Wizard for a description of these thresholds.